Charm Sizing


*NOTE* This does not apply to "HOBO WEEKS" Collection charms. Those are designed to lay across the length of the hobonichi spine, not loop over pages. 

All TN sizes are fitted to hang over one dashboard (e.g. Foxy Fix).

Charms for the RINGS size are ALL FITTED to loop and tie over one of the rings of your planner. Please see @xocarolyndesigns instagram for a video how-to.

Hobonichi Weeks size is fitted to hang over pages inside the Hobonichi Weeks with no cover or jelly cover.

Hobo Weeks Plus size is fitted to accommodate for a cover (like Printpression, Pellestudio, Foxy Fix, etc.)

HP sizes are meant to be tied to certain rings (see below).


Pocket 12”

A6 13.5”

Personal - 15.2”

B6 - 15.5”

Rings - 7.5”

Standard: 18”

Hobo Weeks: 15.3”

Hobo Weeks Plus: 16.5”

HP Micro: 9.5" (tied to top ring)

HP mini: 12" (tied to 3rd from top ring)

HP Regular: 14.5" (tied to 4th ring)