How do I pick the correct size charm for my planner?

All listed TN sizes are fitted to hang over one dashboard (e.g. Foxy Fix). Charms for the RINGS size are ALL FITTED to loop and tie over one of the rings of your planner. THE RINGS size includes personal rings, personal wide rings and A6 rings. Please see the Highlight story on @xocarolyndesigns instagram account for a video demonstration.

If you were previously in a TN and want to use your TN-sized charms for rings, you can always just tie your charm around one of the other rings in your planner to find a length that works!

How do I prevent my metal beads/spacers from tarnishing?

Treat your charms as you would any costume jewelry. When they are not in use, store them in a place with limited exposure to sun and oxygen. Do not get them wet. Just as is the case with costume jewelry, inevitably after a long period of time, the metal pieces (especially rose gold) will begin to turn/tarnish.

Why is your shipping & processing time 2-3 weeks?

I currently spend half my time in Sacramento and half my time in the Bay Area. xoCarolynDesigns HQ is in Sacramento so I am only able to make and fill orders when I'm there. To ensure that orders are not late, I list a 2-3 weeks shipping & processing time although orders are almost always filled within 7-14 days (sometimes even 24 hours!). 

When will _____ charm/dangle be restocked?

As I am a relatively new shop, I am still working on maintaining my inventory levels for current designs, as well as ensuring there is enough supply for future designs. Almost all designs (unless otherwise specified as limited) will be restocked. Follow @xocarolyndesigns for more updates regarding what designs will be restocked and when!

I placed more than one order. Can you combine my shipping?

As a general policy, orders cannot be combined to reduce shipping costs. I understand quickly purchasing items with limited stock and then going back for more (I do it, too with other shops!), but it has become quite time intensive and cumbersome to go back and combine shipping for several orders. Also, for the most part, most of my items will be restocked! That being said, when I catch it, I do try to combine shipping if the orders are very close to one another, etc., so if you get a shipping refund, don't be surprised! :)

Why aren't you responding to my DMs?

I do not regularly check DMs in Instagram (for a host of reasons). The best way to get in touch with me is by sending me a message here or emailing me at